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About Castro and Lowenstein Lab Castro and Lowenstein Lab

Our lab has recently focused its research efforts on DNA repair pathways, the epigenetic regulation of cancer progression, uncovering the role of oncometabolites in the brain tumor microenvironment and in mediating the response to immunotherapies. To this end, we are developing novel rodent models of malignant brain cancer using in vivo gene transfer technologies. To accomplish this, we are using the Sleeping Beauty Transposase System to insert specific genetic lesions in the genome of stem cells lining the third ventricle. These genetically engineered murine models harboring genetic lesions present in the human disease have proven to be powerful platforms to uncover the molecular mechanisms that mediate tumor progression and implement novel immune-mediated gene and/or cell based therapeutic approaches. These approaches will lead to the development of novel therapeutic approaches and their implementation in Phase I clinical trials for GBM.Pioneering work from our lab has led to an FDA approved Phase I clinical trial for malignant brain cancer which is ongoing at the University of Michigan, Department of Neurosurgery.

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